Playa Mermejita

Mermejita is a large beach easily accessible from Mazunte following the path to Punta Cometa. Until recently, the area was completely uninhabited, but now it is attracting adventurers who are building Robinson Crusoe-style houses, using local materials.
Playa Mermejita is bordered on its east end by Punta Cometa, and on its west end by Punta Ventanilla, a distinguished looking rock formation with a "ventana" or window in it which can be observed from several miles distance. Aside from its isolation, this beach is popular for viewing sunsets over the ocean.
At Torón Rock, a rocky promontory to the extreme east of the beach, one can watch dolphins, whales, and orcas that swim close by in the open ocean.
It's one of only two places in Oaxaca where the rare leatherback turtle nests. Here sometimes you can spot thousands of turtles during spawning (up to 5,000 every night). Each female lays an average of 100 eggs of which only 30% will be born, but for the hundreds of thousands who reach the sea only 1% can reach adulthood and reproduce.